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Relief from fleas and itchy bites

I recently babysat a friend's kittens for two weeks while she was on holiday. Shortly after, I noticed I was getting horrible little bites all over my ankles and calves. My legs looked awful and it was extremely itchy. I couldn't figure out why. Then I soon realized the cats had left fleas all over my home! Had it not been for Bug Auwe, I would probably still be itching with bite marks all over my legs. I cannot say how grateful I am for Bug Auwe. It really works against flea bites too and I am a total believer in this amazing natural product! 

Caroline B.


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Home: Feature

Nothing else worked until Bug Auwe!

OMG this is a staple in our house! We all use it, my husband and I and our two girls. We've gone through all the different sprays, all the botanical ones, doTERRA, homemade etc. OMG nothing worked like yours!!! My daughter has bad reaction to bites. They get huge, red and itchy. I'v tried everything oils, ice, hydrocortisone. Nothing was helping. Holy cow, Bug Auwe worked so fast and by the next day it was so much better! We absolutely love Bug Auwe! My husband has been going through them cuz he uses it at work and he loves the smell LOL! Thank you so much!!!

Kailani & Johnnny


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Relief for Itchy skin & Redness

Bug Auwe has been my husband's saving grace. Thank you so much, Bug Auwe. My husband has bee stuggling with itchy skin since he got into his 70s. He has tried all kinds of salve, spray, balm and creams for itchy skin and nothing helps. I took a picture of his skin after he'd been scratching it until it's all swollen, bumpy marked in redness. Within 24 hours of applying Bug Auwe, his skin returned to normal COMPLETELY! I am a total advocate of natural products and Bug Auwe is my go to even for my three grandkids whenever I take them to the park. You can see why this is a must-have in our house! 

Lucy & Michael

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Bug Auwe has been a game-changer for our family outings! Whether it’s a picnic in the park or a hike in the woods, their natural insect repellent keeps both us and our furry babies safe from pesky bugs. We particularly love using their room refresher and bug repellent to spray down our picnic blanket, which effectively keeps the bugs away and allows us to enjoy our time outdoors without any interruptions. The eco-friendly and pet-safe formula is perfect for our needs, ensuring that we can protect ourselves and our environment simultaneously. The pleasant scent and effectiveness of Bug Auwe’s products have truly enhanced our outdoor experiences, making them indispensable for any outdoor activity. We’ve had nothing but great experiences with Bug Auwe products and can’t recommend them enough!


Martin W.

Welcome to our line of BUG AUWE!

(pronounced Bug Ow way!!)

What does 'Auwe' mean?

A word commonly used in the Hawaiian islands, it's an expression used when something bad or sad has happened. Used like "darn" or "Oh no!" or "I'm sorry, that's awful!" Sometimes it's a cry for help from being in great distress. 

For example,

Child, "Popo (Grandma in Hawaiian), I lost the bracelet you gave me."

Grandma: "Auwe!"

Formulated to be pH balanced for the skin. Perfect for babies, adults, mothers, hikers, campers, family and friends. Basically, everyone. 

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Why use Bug A'uwe!

(pronounced like Ow-way!)


DEET is a pesticide in many repellent products. DEET has been suspected to cause brain seizures or blood toxicity in children. BUG Auwe! contains no harmful pesticides as a plant based remedy for repelling and soothing bites.

Essential Oils

Our pledge is to create a product of the highest quality which includes Citronella, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lavender and Peppermint essential oils.

Anti Inflammatory

In addition to protecting from bugs when applied before exposure, this repellent can also be applied AFTER being bitten to bring down any swelling.

Eco Friendly

Made in Hawaii, our natural plant based formula is intended to be safe enough for babies,  respecting the animals we share the earth with and protecting our aina (lands).


As this repellent was developed to be safely used on a daily basis, it was important to be functional in protecting the skin's surface with Vitamin E and the herbal healing properties of Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel.

Silky, non-greasy feel

Bug A'uwe is specially formulated to have the perfectly silky coverage of the skin yet a light, non-greasy feel.

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